About Us

Our Story: Kyle and Justina grew up tinkering and working on trucks and tractors.  They had their first trucks as teenagers. With a mutual passion for diesel trucks & tractors, and truck & tractor pulling; love formed between the two. They worked on their own trucks and word spread about their expertise and knowledge in all things diesel. Friends and family then trusted Kyle and Justina to work on their vehicles. As word spread to friends, a business evolved and Reusch Diesel was established, performing repairs, maintenance, and modifications on everything from daily drivers to pulling truck builds.

We have been doing business since 2010.  Justina and her knowledgeable team are motivated to provide customers with quality parts and top-notch service.  With a passion for what we do, customers believe and put trust in us to take care of their vehicles as we do our own.  We are committed to customers. We will continue to provide the best quality service and performance in the diesel industry.