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  1. Whatever your DIESEL NEEDS are WE CAN DO IT!
  2. Maintenance
  3. Engine Upgrades
  4. Diesel Engine Rebuilds and Swaps
  5. Driveline Repair and Replacement
  6. Suspension Systems
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Q: Whatever your DIESEL NEEDS are WE CAN DO IT!

Q: Maintenance

Here is an important question: How long has it been since you changed your oil? Here is an equally important question: What kind of oil are you using? Both your oil change interval and the quality of oil you are using have an effect on your vehicles performance and reliability. Here at Reusch Diesel we only use Schaeffer's Oil products. These products are some of the best that money can buy. They help ensure your vehicle is well lubricated and ready to work when you are. 

On top of oil changes, There are many other services that we provide which are essential to the well being of your vehicle. Transmission flushes, differential fluid changes, coolant flushes, power steering fluid flushes, brake fluid flushes, fuel filters and more are handled by our experienced technicians. 

Every truck that comes here to be worked on goes through an inspection to identify common issues. We do this to ensure that your vehicle runs and drives as you expect it to. Fluid levels, air filter, brakes, windshield wipers, brakes, lights, emergency flashers and front end components are among the items that are checked. If there is an issue we notify you right away so the problem can be resolved before you come to pick the vehicle up. You can trust that when your vehicle leaves our shop it will be ready to hit the open road and work with you on the toughest jobs. A good maintenance program is vital to your trucks continued operation and we are happy to help you in this task. 

Q: Engine Upgrades

Would you like a little more power out of your truck? Would you like a lot more power out of your truck? Whatever your needs are we will be able to accommodate you! Our experienced team will help you pick the upgrades that will work best for you. We can help you with upgrades that will give you the results you desire without breaking the bank.

Q: Diesel Engine Rebuilds and Swaps

Has your current engine experienced a catastrophic failure? Is it just tired and past it's prime? Let us rebuild it for you and bring that truck back to life. Our technicians will take your engine completely apart and rebuild it with parts from the best brands in the industry. This ensures that your truck with run well for many miles to come. 

Decide you do not like the engine that your truck came with and want something different? We can put in a completely different engine. We specialize in Ford Cummins swaps. Many of our customers have taken advantage of our expertise in this field to make their vehicle something unique and custom to fit their exact needs. Let us put our expertise to work for you as well!

Q: Driveline Repair and Replacement

Is your transmission making a funny noise? Are you having trouble with your clutch? Do not let problems in your driveline go unchecked! A small problem that you have now could quickly turn into a bigger issue down the road. The driveline is just as important as your engine in keeping your vehicle on the road and getting you to where you need to go. We have the technicians and the tools to diagnose and repair any issues that arise in your driveline. Don't let trouble in your transmission, transfer case, or axles leave you stranded. We use Suncoast Transmission parts to ensure that your transmission will last you for the long haul. 

We are able to repair any issues with your transmission, transfer case, driveline, or axles and all of their related components. 

Q: Suspension Systems

Your suspension system is a very important component and integral in the well being of your vehicle. Your suspension is expected to do quite a bit. It supports the weight of the vehicle, it's occupants, it's cargo (and connected trailers). It is also expected to absorb imperfections in the road and help you maintain control on adverse terrain and weather conditions. All of these requirements take a toll on the components your suspension system relies on to be effective. Once these parts wear out your vehicle is harder to control, rides rougher, and has reduced cargo capacity. Protect yourself, your family, your cargo, and your vehicle by having the suspension system inspected and worn items repaired. A properly maintained suspension system also helps you get more life out of your tires. A worn suspension system can wear your tires unevenly which means they will need to be replaced sooner. Reusch Diesel can inspect your suspension system and make recommendations to keep your vehicle operating as it should.

Are you looking to change the ride height in your vehicle? Reusch Diesel can help you as well! We represent some of the leading names in the suspension industry. Whether you want to truck lifted or lowered, riding on air or a more conventional spring setup, or leveled in the front for a more aggressive stance, we have you covered! Let our experienced technicians install a kit to give you the ride quality and height that you desire!

Q: Interior Accessories

The interior of your truck is an important place. If there is something you need for your interior to help make it your own we can help! Our experienced technicians can outfit your truck with gauges, gauge pillars, monitors, floor mats, seat covers, storage systems, and more. Want to do the work yourself? No problem! We can get you the items you need from the brands you know and trust so you can complete the install. We can even provide recommendations and point you in the right direction if you are unsure which way you would like to go. Give us a call to discuss which options are available for your truck.

Q: Exterior Accessories

The exterior of your truck deserves as much care and attention as the rest of your truck. Reusch Diesel has access to all of the exterior parts that your truck needs to make it work for you including fender flares, running boards, nerf bars, mirrors, cameras, lighting, horns, hitches, winches, bumpers, vent visors, mud flaps, tonneau covers, bed accessories, fuel transfer tanks, and more! Just like our interior accessories we can install these accessories for you or you can purchase them here and install them yourself.

Q: Welding & Fabrication - Custom Built to Fit

Need something for your truck that you just cannot seem to find being manufactured? Let us help you! We are experienced in building steel and aluminum bumpers, truck pulling hitches, sled & suspension stops, intercooler & turbo piping, and custom parts and accessories. Want your crew cab truck to be a 6 door? No problem. Need a custom intercooler pipe for that engine swap? We can do that. The sky is the limit! Let us help you make your custom fabricated dreams a reality. 

Q: Some Brands That We Represent

Here are some of the most popular brands that we represent:

B & W trailer hitches

Air Dog

FASS Fuel Systems

Suncoast Transmissions

Schaeffer's Oil


Auto Meter

S&B Filters

BD Diesel 

Garrett Turbochargers




Ride Rite


and many more! If you need a part, call us! We can get it for you.

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